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Hi, I’m Sycured.

Digital Nomad with 10+ years of experience across Python development, system, network, and security before we called it Dev(Sec)Ops.

Open Source, Python, and Haskell lover, recently, I did a hard fork of aiokafka because I refuse to see an essential PR not reviewed or merged when I need it in production. Right now, I’m working on some new commits to add new features that I need and want publicly available out-of-box.

I’m available as freelance (open to permanent position) accepting USD and cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC: 1AGKeyYf8MCnaaDGPs6LVTAojvWb6yy8Yf
  • DOGE: DHQ5L4P8c7RYBQuy4FMAjEsPgkmqwaBB1S
  • ETH: 0x2220aa7d37ba0fb91eab830b199d26ecf09f8cf1

Contact me: