No GitLab Self Hosted

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I don’t use GitLab for my Git repositories (self-hosting).
I’ve more than 200 repositories (personal + projects) and more than 2k mirrors.

Why trying to use GitLab?

GitLab comes with GitLab CI so yes, it’s interesting to use it with a strong integration but I can’t use it.

Why mirrors?

I need to be able to rebuild any of my projects without the Internet but also to avoid a very terrible case (2016) so I mirror some of my dependencies.

GitLab == fuck you to any Red Hat’s user

You can include CentOS and Fedora without a problem on the list!

GitLab for GitLab CI requires Docker … WTF!

I don’t use Docker but Podman and Buildah.
I won’t rebuild all with Dockerfile & co for this piece of shit: (Issue on GitLab for GitLab: Runner executor podman).

So, GitLab’s developers prefer to have a hard dependency on Docker… I blacklist GitLab CI for any deployments.

GitLab == Ruby

When you want GitLab, you need to have a lot of Ruby…
Sorry guys but my server won’t be a heater.

My setup

I selected Gitea which survives without problem to my strange setup and finally, it works.

For the CI/CD, I’ve my setup (no disclosure: my closed source solution) and it’s working.