• 27th January 2022

Azure - Set expiration on all secrets

When enforcing policy on Key Vault, we need to set expiration on secret. This is the quick way to do it

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  • 13th January 2022

Fix Azure WAF & AD OpenID Connect

Azure WAF custom rule to allow Active Directory OpenID Connect

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  • 5th September 2021

Podman on macOS

Containers on macOS with Podman

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  • 23rd March 2021

NET NEUTRALITY - Bitel: Drop DNS Bypassed

Bitel drops DNS traffic to other servers than their owns. This is the way to to bypass this attack on net neutrality and security.

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  • 18th March 2021
  • 21st February 2021

From Travis CI to GitHub Actions

You'll know why I'm migrating from Travis CI to GitHub Actions

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  • 21st February 2021

Goodbye Vercel, Hello CloudFlare Pages

You'll know why I'm migrating from Vercel to CloudFlare Pages

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  • 11th January 2021

RBL-Checker: details on the refactorization

Details on the refactorization of RBL-Checker, a tool to check if a range IP is blacklisted or not.

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  • 4th January 2021

Install SaltStack on macOS Big Sur

The right way to install SlatStack on macOS Big Sur

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  • 5th July 2020

GDPR and CPRA: rethinking analytics

With GDPR and CPRA, it's time to rethink analytics and how we obtain metrics.

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