Podman on macOS

It’s time to replace Docker Desktop with Podman on macOS.

NET NEUTRALITY – Bitel: Drop DNS Bypassed

Bitel, an internet provider in Peru, drops DNS traffic to other servers. This is a direct attack[…]

VIRTASANT – Technical test

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From Travis CI to GitHub Actions

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Goodbye Vercel, Hello CloudFlare Pages

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RBL-Checker: details on the refactorization

A long time ago, I wrote RBL-Checker, a tool to check if a range IP is blacklisted[…]

Install SaltStack on macOS Big Sur

Installing SaltStack on macOS is a pain. I tried the easy way but failed due to a[…]

GDPR and CPRA: rethinking analytics

The screenshot is from my laptop with macOS Big Sur using Safari. It’s time to be a[…]

Python linter: settings for Flake8

When I work on a project or just a script, I try to stay compliant with PEP8.[…]

Why do you must use server-side sessions?

When you’re building a service, you need to ensure sessions correctly.It’s why I still prefer server-side sessions[…]