No GitLab Self-Hosted

I don’t use GitLab for my Git repositories (self-hosting).I’ve more than 200 repositories (personal + projects) and[…]

Nix on macOS Catalina

Installing Nix on macOS Catalina isn’t hard if you know a little about APFS. I’m the only[…]

Why Not Using Vault Upstream?

Few people know that I contribute to a few nonprofits and due to laws with hardening (internal[…]

Haskell for web service? Real-Time!

Yesterday, a friend started a war about a programming language for Real-Time API.He did a little mistake[…]

My Haskell Environment

My tools for editing and building Haskell projects.

Why Haskell?

A long time ago, I was on Basic (Amstrad) and after Red Hat Linux with Bash and[…]

Nginx: TLS without LUCKY13

My public SSL/TLS configuration for Nginx and I hardened a little: removing a lot of ciphers and[…]

How to force CloudFlare WAF: mTLS

We’ll see how it’s possible to do mutual TLS (mTLS) with Nginx and force your users to[…]

Serveurs: bon retour AMD, adieu Intel

Mon sujet de l’année 2020 sera les migrations hardware.Merci Intel pour m’avoir déjà détruit la nouvelle année.

Cache and speed for WordPress

Sometimes, it’s quicker to use WordPress instead of another system to do a blog.Now, it’s time to[…]