No unauthorized access to WordPress Admin

To safeguard your WordPress site and prevent unauthorized access to your admin panel, you can take the[…]

How to clean old OCI/Docker images

To save disk space, use these example scripts for podman and Docker to remove outdated OCI/Docker images[…]

Migration from Dockerfile to buildah

Dockerfile is a fucking pain because it’s like HCL (HashiCorp configuration language) and other things where you’re[…]

How to use OVH as an anti-DDOS provider?

It’s a very strange use but sometimes, it can save time and money.

LaTeX + Drone CI + Minio + CMake

I like LaTeX for content structure separated from style. Let’s go, Right now, we’re doing inside how[…]

Docker + nftables: example with Drone CI โ€“ Docker Runner

At this time, Docker isn’t compatible with nftables. This is how you can do with an example[…]

Why Self-Hosting? Ownership!

Why Cloud Computing can be a pain or a big risk depending on the use case (money,[…]

Migration to nftables : from ipset and bogons

Migration to nftables: from ipset and bogons

We’re in 2019 and it’s time to turn the page about iptables and do a warm welcome[…]

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