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Git hosting and ed25519-sk

Quick look if major Git hosting providers are up-to-date about security. The possibility of using ed25519-sk is[…]

GraalVM: Java 8 OCI/Docker images are available

GraalVM doesn’t have official Java 8 OCI/Docker images. I moved to GraalVM on my laptop, also for[…]

Stabilizing NodeJS container about RAM and SWAP

Having some NodeJS containers in production isn’t a start-and-forget due to CPU and memory management. Let’s see[…]

Goodbye Vercel, Hello CloudFlare Pages

You’ll know why I’m migrating from Vercel to CloudFlare Pages. I’m very happy with CloudFlare DNS and[…]

RBL-Checker: details on the refactorization

A long time ago, I wrote RBL-Checker, a tool to check if a range IP is blacklisted[…]

GDPR and CPRA: rethinking analytics

The screenshot is from my laptop with macOS Big Sur using Safari. It’s time to be a[…]

No GitLab Self-Hosted

I don’t use GitLab for my Git repositories (self-hosting).I’ve more than 200 repositories (personal + projects) and[…]

LaTeX + Drone CI + Minio + CMake

I like LaTeX for content structure separated from style. Let’s go, Right now, we’re doing inside how[…]

Why Self-Hosting? Ownership!

Why Cloud Computing can be a pain or a big risk depending on the use case (money,[…]