Yubico Authenticator on RHEL 9

yubico authenticator app image

Yubico Authenticator permits you to generate TOTP directly on your desktop/laptop/smartphone using your Yubikey.

This is how to install it on Red Hat Enterprise Linux / AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux 9.


dnf install -y opensc

If you’re using Wayland, you’ll need this additional step to be able to scan QR code

dnf install -y gnome-screensaver

Download and install Yubico Authenticator

cd /tmp
wget https://developers.yubico.com/yubioath-flutter/Releases/yubico-authenticator-latest-linux.tar.gz
tar xf yubico-authenticator-latest-linux.tar.gz
rm yubico-authenticator-latest-linux.tar.gz
sudo mv yubico-authenticator-* /opt/yubico-authenticator
sudo restorecon -R /opt/yubico-authenticator
sudo ln -s /opt/yubico-authenticator/authenticator /usr/local/bin/authenticator
sudo ln -s /opt/yubico-authenticator/authenticator /usr/local/bin/yubico-authenticator

Desktop shortcut for current user

/opt/yubico-authenticator/desktop_integration.sh --install

Now, you don’t have an excuse to don’t use your Yubikey on Linux for TOTP when WebAuthn isn’t available.