RT graph about webservice written using Haskell

Yesterday, a friend started a war about programming language for Real-Time API. He did a little mistake because I’m always… I remeber the very long war about Emacs vs Vim (Vim wins).

The subject was about RT (Real-Time) webservice/microservice.

What’s RT?

We consider RT a latency less than or equal to 30ms.

I let you imagine 2 microservices:

  1. service 1 sent a request to service 2
  2. service 2 received the request from service 1: process and send the reply
  3. service 1 received the reply from service 2

Time between point 1 and point 3 ≤ 30ms

Tools used for this quick RT webservice

To test and obtain the graph, I used rtapi (from nginx)

Nothing more… KISS > all

Code and online test

Will I use Haskell for real world app?

Absolutely, I love Haskell because we don’t have side effect.

Performance + no side effect = 💓

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