• 4th February 2023

Yubico Authenticator on RHEL 9

How to install Yubico Authenticator app on RHEL 9

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  • 16th August 2022

Fix bluetooth RTL8822CE on Linux

By default, it was Wifi (working) only. This is the fix for RTL8822CE to have Wifi and Bluetooth.

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  • 5th August 2022

UxPlay: AirPlay-Mirror and AirPlay-Audio server

UxPlay, AirPlay-Mirror and AirPlay-Audio server for Linux, macOS, and Unix

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  • 23rd March 2021

NET NEUTRALITY - Bitel: Drop DNS Bypassed

Bitel drops DNS traffic to other servers than their owns. This is the way to to bypass this attack on net neutrality and security.

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  • 4th January 2020

How to force CloudFlare WAF: mTLS

We'll see how it's possible to do mutual TLS (mTLS) with nginx and force your users to pass through CloudFlare WAF and reject all direct connections.

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  • 2nd November 2019
  • 30th October 2019
  • 28th October 2019