Yubico Authenticator on RHEL 9

Yubico Authenticator permits you to generate TOTP directly on your desktop/laptop/smartphone using your Yubikey. This is how[…]

Git hosting and ed25519-sk

Quick look if major Git hosting providers are up-to-date about security. The possibility of using ed25519-sk is[…]

Jenkins worker (agent) in FreeBSD jail

Jails are Linux containers in FreeBSD’s world. It’s time to build it. Why running it in jail?[…]

Compile and deploy FreeBSD kernel

Sometimes it’s necessary to build a new kernel to add some modules. In my case, it’s adding[…]

Install FreeBSD 13.1 on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud doesn’t propose FreeBSD like a lot of providers so we need to install it using[…]

Hashicorp Vault: Migration from Cloud seal to Shamir seal

Hashicorp Vault has different Seal types, and a day we need to migrate between two seals. This[…]

My first function on Cloudflare Pages

During the weekend, I decided to change my contact form. Objective: replacing the embed form via an[…]

Rewriting scripts with Rust

It’s becoming common to see some tools rewrote with Rust like bat, dust, tokei & co. In[…]

Fix Bluetooth RTL8822CE on Linux

After installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 on a laptop with RTL8822CE, the wifi was working, but[…]

From Python to Rust

Why am I using Rust instead of Python for my new CLI or API? Why is it[…]

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