Goodbye Vercel, Hello CloudFlare Pages

CloudFlare Pages logo

You’ll know why I’m migrating from Vercel to CloudFlare Pages.

I’m very happy with CloudFlare DNS and CDN so serving this blog and some other frontend directly from CloudFlare isn’t crazy.

It’s time to go deeper

Common point between Vercel and CF Pages

They use GitHub so the migration was transparent.

How I used Vercel

Vercel was the build and host of this blog and other frontends.

But not directly because I use CloudFlare to do the caching so I let you imagine the flow:

  1. GET / -> CloudFlare (DNS)
  2. CloudFlare (Cache) or proxy pass to Vercel

CloudFlare Pages

Thanks a lot, CloudFlare to permit me to use the Beta version.

Now, when I push to my repository, CloudFlare Pages build and serve my files directly.

  1. GET / -> CloudFlare (DNS + Cache + static hosting)

No pain, no gain

My pain was to migrate, just 2 minutes, it’s nothing.

My gain was a better latency, more near my user.

I plan to use CloudFlare Pages for the website of a nonprofit because it’s a lot more easy and quick to obtain the best performance.

Maybe the next step will be CloudFlare Workers but at this time, it doesn’t accept Python. Maybe a good time to go deeper with Rust.