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Yubico Authenticator on RHEL 9

Yubico Authenticator permits you to generate TOTP directly on your desktop/laptop/smartphone using your Yubikey. This is how[…]

Git hosting and ed25519-sk

Quick look if major Git hosting providers are up-to-date about security. The possibility of using ed25519-sk is[…]

Hashicorp Vault: Migration from Cloud seal to Shamir seal

Hashicorp Vault has different Seal types, and a day we need to migrate between two seals. This[…]

Azure App Services Web Apps Configuration – Versioning

Working with Azure App Services Web Apps, I learned how it is to not have integrated versioning[…]

Azure – Set expiration on all secrets

Doing policy enforcement, I needed to set an expiration date on all secrets inside a key vault.[…]

Fix Azure WAF & AD OpenID Connect

When you’re using Azure WAF and Azure Active Directory OpenID Connect, you can experience the WAF blocking[…]

Podman on macOS

It’s time to replace Docker Desktop with Podman on macOS.

NET NEUTRALITY – Bitel: Drop DNS Bypassed

Bitel, an internet provider in Peru, drops DNS traffic to other servers. This is a direct attack[…]

Why do you must use server-side sessions?

When you’re building a service, you need to ensure sessions correctly.It’s why I still prefer server-side sessions[…]

Why Not Using Vault Upstream?

Few people know that I contribute to a few nonprofits and due to laws with hardening (internal[…]

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