• 1st February 2023

Git hosting and ed25519-sk

Little feedback about hardening git requiring your physical security key (Yubikey & co) using ed25519-sk.

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  • 3rd October 2022
  • 5th August 2022

GraalVM: Java 8 OCI/Docker images are available

GraalVM Java 8 OCI/Docker are images available on Docker Hub and

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  • 4th April 2022

Stabilizing NodeJS container about RAM and SWAP

My solution to stabilize a NodeJS container about RAM and SWAP on production

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  • 21st February 2021

Goodbye Vercel, Hello CloudFlare Pages

You'll know why I'm migrating from Vercel to CloudFlare Pages

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  • 11th January 2021

RBL-Checker: details on the refactorization

Details on the refactorization of RBL-Checker, a tool to check if a range IP is blacklisted or not.

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  • 5th July 2020

GDPR and CPRA: rethinking analytics

With GDPR and CPRA, it's time to rethink analytics and how we obtain metrics.

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  • 24th May 2020

No GitLab Self Hosted

Why I don't use GitLab for my git repositories (self-hosting)?

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  • 31st October 2019

LaTeX + Drone CI + Minio + CMake

My automation about LaTeX document with Drone CI, MinIO and CMake

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  • 28th October 2019

Why Self-Hosting? Ownership!

Why Cloud Computing can be a pain or a big risk depending of the use case (money, ownership and more). Self-Hosting and Cloud need to work together.

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